Readiness for Entering Vocational Ministry (REVM) Program

Entry by transfer clergy and by those seeking ordination for the first time into the process of preparing for ordination in Metropolitan Community Churches begins with participation in a Readiness for Entering Vocational Ministry (REVM Program). This guided REVM program opportunity provides the venue to meet with others who sense a similar calling to vocational ministry. REVM offers an explanation of the process for preparation for ministry, overview of the core characteristics of a ministry vocation in MCC, development of a personalized Ministry Action Plan (MAP) for ministry preparation, and a time of connection with mentors and others who have served in ministerial roles within MCC.  It also includes some content presentations/discussions about themes that are central to MCC ministry (e.g. Diversity, Inclusivity, Queer Theology, MCC’s unique identity, etc.).

To apply for a REVM, individuals should consult their specific Protocol for the materials that are required as a part of the application process.

At the conclusion of the REVM program, a determination will be made as to whether or not a participant receives official status with MCC. This status is given to those who have been approved to begin the process of preparing for vocational ministry, whose MAPs have been finalized, and who have acknowledged and signed the Ministry Leader Code of Conduct. Various names are given to this status according to specific protocols. (e.g. “In Care” in the US and Canada; “Trainee” in the UK.) The MAP provides a clear, detailed covenant of mutual understanding that will be used for ongoing discernment and for review by the participant and the participant’s supervisor(s) and endorsing body.

The next Readiness for Entering Vocational Ministry (REVM) Program will be held at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) from 8-11 June, 2017.

Space is limited to 15 people. Click here to Download Application.  Application Deadline – 14 April 2017.  Applications must be sent as email attachments to Registration for this event will be $550 USD.

NOTE ABOUT APPLICATION: In some Protocols, Psychological Testing administered by a center that specializes in the assessment of ministerial candidates and the ongoing support of those engaged in vocational ministry is required as a part of our process. This is one of the sources of information that is taken into consideration when a MAP is created. Consequently, it is helpful, but not necessary, for this testing to be completed prior to REVM. Those who do not complete this until after REVM can still participate, but will not have a finalized MAP or an official decision about in-care status until the report has been reviewed.