Sacred Space Online Learning (also known as SSOL), is a multi-faith, ecumenical online learning center brought to you by the OFLD. It is a welcoming resource for ANYONE wishing to learn, grow, or explore!

SSOL holds an essential collection of online courses and webinars from a mainline, progressive, and/or justice-centered perspective! It is a sacred resource and lifeline for many people of faith who have limited options in their geographic location. Many courses are FREE or at reduced rates!  SSOL includes a special MCC Portal which allows you to explore all the webinars. on-demand webinars, and courses created by MCC.

Since its launch, SSOL has been visited by tens of thousands of people across the globe and SSOL contains hundreds of online offerings.  SSOL has 25 different categories of learning (see the list of topical categories below), there are resources for 36 different types of ministry available on SSOL, and it contains materials from over 60 organizations!

If you’re looking for online religious courses, online religious webinars, religious on-demand webinars, online spiritual classes, online spiritual webinars, spiritual on-demand webinars, online Christian courses, online Christian webinars, or Christian on-demand webinars,  Sacred Space Online Learning is the place for you!




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Discover online religious classes, online spiritual courses, online religious webinars, and online spiritual webinars on Sacred Space Online Learning by exploring the following SSOL categories of learning:


Administration and Leadership
Adults and Older Adults
African, African American and Black Studies
Arts, Dance, Music & Literature
Asian Studies
Children, Youth and Young Adults
Communication, Group Dynamics and Organizational Studies
Counseling, Care Giving, and Self-Care
Denominations and Sects
Disabilities Studies
Education and Learning
Feminist and Womanist Studies
Fundraising & Stewardship
Latino/Latina and Hispanic Studies
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies
Marketing, Outreach & Missions
Multimedia and Digital Technology
Native American, First Nations, and Indigenous Peoples
Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Studies
Peace and Reconciliation Studies
Popular Culture Studies
Religion and Society
Religious Studies
Social Justice Studies
Theology and Philosophy
Worship, Meditation & Retreat



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