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Discover online religious classes, online spiritual courses, online religious webinars, and online spiritual webinars on Sacred Space Online Learning by exploring the following SSOL categories of learning:


ssol-church-administration-leadership-online-courses-04 Administration and Leadership – This category contains information regarding church administration, religious administration, church leadership, and religious leadership. Courses and webinars include Introduction to Nonprofit Management, Church Websites, Data Privacy and Security, Developing Your Leadership Styles, Volunteer Management, Getting Small Groups Right, and How to Run a Fair Trade Store in your Church


ssol-adult-older-adults-ministries-online-coursesAdults and Older Adults – In this category you’ll find online classes, webinars, and on-demand webinars regarding adults ministries, or older adults ministries. or spiritual development for adults or older adults. Examples from this SSOL learning category include The Blessings of Aging, Intergenerational Worship, Leading Adult Spiritual Life Retreats, Boomers Ministry Basics, Becoming a Wise Elder, The Liturgical Year Opportunities for Older Adult Ministry, and Ministry Across Generations.


ssol-african-african-american-black-studies-online-coursesAfrican, African American and Black Studies – Discover information that focuses on Black studies, African studies, African-American studies. Courses and webinars from this category include Confronting Racism: A Holy Yearning, What Does SOLIDARITY Look Like?, African-American History: Modern Freedom Struggle, Fifty Years Later: The State of Racism in America, Let’s Talk! Discussing Black Lives Matter With Students, Rethinking the Black Freedom Movement, and What Has Ferguson to do With Faith?


ssol-arts-dance-music-literature-online-coursesArts, Dance, Music & Literature – In this SSOL category you can explore online courses and webinars about dance, music, literature, and the arts. Examples include Books that Matter, Japanese Culture and Art, Meanings and Melodies of Hanukkah, Photography as a Spiritual Path, Writing Creative Nonfiction, Revolutionary Christmas Carols, and The Great Works of Sacred Music.


ssol-asian-studies-online-coursesAsian Studies – Learn about information that focuses on Asian communities in this category of learning. Webinars and online classes within this category include Focus on Chinese Ministry, Japanese Culture and Art, Multicultural Ministry with Children, Practicing Spirituality with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and The Sage’s Tao Te Ching.


ssol-children-youth-young-adults-online-classesChildren, Youth and Young Adults – Discover online courses or webinars about children’s ministries, youth programs, and young adult ministries in this category of SSOL. This SSOL category of learning includes How to Make Your Worship Service More Engaging for All Ages, Engaging with Challenging Children, Youth Ministry, Introduction to Generational Theory, Leading Children and Youth in Mission, Spiritual Direction and Millennials, and Walking with Children in Faith.


ssol-communications-group-dynamics-organizational-studies-online-classesCommunication, Group Dynamics and Organizational Studies – In this category you’ll find information about the ways we communicate, how we organize ourselves, and how we interact as a group. Webinars and online courses include Becoming Conflict Wise, Courageous Conversations – Role of Facilitator and Practical Tips, Fake News and Facts, Becoming an Effective Public Speaker, Four Conversations of a Leader, How to Deal with Difficult People, and Practicing the Sacred Art of Conversation.


ssol-counseling-care-giving-self-care-online-coursesCounseling, Care Giving, and Self-Care – Review online courses and webinars about counseling, care-giving, and self-care in this SSOL category. Examples include Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World, Safe Congregations and Risk Reduction, Cancer Care Ministry, Creating Safe Sanctuaries, Introduction to Pastoral Care, Developing Christian Patience, Healing and Wholeness, Loving God by Loving Ourselves, The Recovery Journey, and Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body.



ssol-denominations-sects-online-classesDenominations and Sects – This category from Sacred Space Online Learning contains information regarding webinars, on-demand webinars, and online courses created for members of specific religions ,denominations or religious sects. Examples include Quaker Speak, Muslims in Britain, MCC Supervising Clergy Training, UU Identity in the Classroom, Introduction to Judaism, Introducing Lutheran Worship, Brethren Beginnings, and UCC History and Polity.


ssol-disabilities-studies-online-classesDisabilities Studies – In this category you’ll find online classes, webinars, and on-demand webinars regarding differently-abled people, disabled communities, and/or information about disabilities. Online courses and webinars include The Difficulty of Being Just: Including Those with Disabilities in Congregational Life, National Collaborative on Faith and Disability Webinar Series, Implementing an AT Program in Your Organization, and Do You Really See Me?: Pastoral Care and Disabled People.


ssol-education-learning-online-classesEducation and Learning – Discover information that focuses on religious education, theological education, spiritual formation, faith formation, and Christian education in this category. Online classes and webinars include Building and Sustaining an Adult Religious Education Program, Developing a Healthy Religious Education Committee, Eath Care in Christian Education, Engaging with Challenging Children, Hybrid Faith Formation, and Program Ideas for the Summer Months.


ssol-feminist-womanist-online-classesFeminist and Womanist Studies – In this SSOL category you can explore feminist and womanist online courses and webinars, gender studies, and online classes or webinars that focus on issues of importance to girls and women. Examples include Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls, Rooting Ourselves in Latinx Feminism, Ending Sex Trafficking in Canada, Reproductive Justice, Creating Spaces for Girls in Your Community, Preventing Gender-Based Violence Through Arms Control, and National Action Plans on Women, Peace and Security in Africa.


ssol-fundraising-stewardship-online-classesFundraising & Stewardship – Discover online courses or webinars about stewardship, fundraising, money-management, and budgets in this category of Sacred Space Online Learning. This SSOL category includes online classes and webinars such as Facing Financial Struggle, Developing a Narrative Budget, Grant & Proposal Writing, Introducing Stewardship, Practicing Spirituality with Money, Optimize Your Housing Allowance, and Seven Strategies for Successful Stewardship.


ssol-latino-latina-hispanic-online-classesLatino/Latina and Hispanic Studies – Discover information that focuses on Hispanic studies, Latino/Latina/Latinx studies, or explore courses and webinars created in Spanish. Courses and webinars from this category include Knowing our Herstories: Rooting Ourselves in Latinx Feminism, Reaching the American Born Latino, Religiones en España, Multicultural Ministry with Children, La liturgia como espacio de liberación, and Justice and Love in Action: Anti-racism Strategies for Preaching and Worship.


ssol-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-LGBT-online-classesLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies – This category contains information regarding lesbian studies, gay studies, bisexual studies, transgender studies, queer studies and the LGTBQIA+ community. Courses and webinars include Welcoming the “B” in LGBT; God, the Garden, and Gays: Homosexuality in Genesis; Queer History; Religious Freedom and LGBT Equality; Sex, Bodies, and Spirit; and Transfaith for Allies.


ssol-marketing-outreach-online-classesMarketing, Outreach & Missions – In this category you’ll find online classes, webinars, and on-demand webinars regarding church marketing, church outreach, religious outreach, and Christian mission. Examples from this SSOL learning category include Marketing 101 for Non-Profits; Introducing Church Marketing; Leading Children and Youth in Mission; Evangelism in a New Light; Enhance Your Digital Ministry; and Leading Congregations Effectively in a Global World.


ssol-multimedia-digital-technology-online-classesMultimedia and Digital Technology – Discover information that focuses on Multimedia in Religious Organizations, Multimedia in the Church, and Digital Technology in the Church. Courses and webinars from this category include Creating a Social Media Policy; Digital Security 101; Church Websites; Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Our Congregations; Seeking God via Google, and Talking Tech.


ssol-Native-American-First-Nations-Indigenous-Peoples-online-classesNative American, First Nations, and Indigenous Peoples – Discover information that focuses on Native American studies, First Nations studies, and various Indigenous Peoples. Courses and webinars include Developing an Indigenous Policymaking Model to Address First Nations Health and Education Disparities; Free, Prior, and Informed Consent; Dismantling White Supremacy; Native Peoples of North America; Practicing Spirituality with Native Americans; and We Are All Treaty People.


ssol-Native-Hawaiian-Pacific-Islanders-online-classesNative Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Studies – This SSOL Category of Learning focuses on Native Hawaiian studies, Pacific Islander studies, as well as Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander people and communities. Courses and webinars include Hawaiian Stories and Traditional Teachings; Asian American & Pacific Islander Caregivers; Indigenous Healing – Mind, Body, Spirit; Multicultural Ministry with Children; and Namelehuapono: Using Hawaiian Culture as a Pathway to Healing from Domestic and Sexual Violence.


ssol-peace-reconciliation-studies-online-classesPeace and Reconciliation Studies – In this category you’ll find online classes, webinars, and on-demand webinars regarding peace and conflict studies, and peace and reconciliation studies. Courses and webinars include Praying for Justice and Peace; Men, Masculinities and Militarism; El Islam: Una Religión de Paz; Conflict: A Good Thing!; 100 Years of Peacemaking; Practicing Spirituality with the Peacemakers; and America Isn’t Itself When It’s Afraid.


ssol-popular-culture-religion-studies-online-classesPopular Culture Studies – In this unique category you’ll find information from SSOL-POP: an area of SSOL that explores the relationship between religion, spirituality, and faith alongside movies, television, popular music and popular culture. These popular culture studies include Religious and Spiritual Themes in Film: Selma; The Gospel According to Harry Potter; Religious and Spiritual Themes in Film: Frozen; Religious and Spiritual Themes in Television Shows: Game of Thrones; The Gospel According to U2; and The Gospel According to Tolkien.


ssol-religion-society-online-classesReligion and Society – Discover information that explores the various relationships the exist between faith and society, Christianity and society, religion and society, and spirituality and society. Online classes and webinars include such offerings as Be Born in Us: Love of Neighbor in Advent; American History: From Emancipation to the Present; Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World; Faith and Globalization; Justice and Love in Action; Introduction to Generational Theory; and Our Faith, Our Vote.


ssol-religious-studies-online-classesReligious Studies – This intentionally broad SSOL Category of Learning includes various online courses and webinars that explore religious studies including Christian studies, Jewish studies, Islamic studies, Buddhist studies, interfaith studies, and other studies of organized religions. Examples include Introduction to Religion; Jews and Christians throughout History; Breaking Free: Liberation through Interfaith Dialogue; Ancient Israel; Ways to Pray from Around the World; El Islam: Una Religión de Paz; and Religion in Modern Europe.






ssol-social-justice-studies-online-classesSocial Justice Studies




ssol-theology-online-classes-philosophy-online-classesTheology and Philosophy


ssol-worship-meditation-retreat-online-classesWorship, Meditation & Retreat

Learn about the Garner Institute…


The Garner Institute

Logo DGI (2)The Office of Formation and Leadership Development of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, in response to the recommendations submitted by the Ibero-American Planning and Reflection Committee, established the Darlene Garner Institute for Ibero-American Leadership Formation (DGIILF), from now the Garner Institute or the Institute.

The Garner Institute will develop new experiences that are responsive to the multi-faceted challenges that are faced in the formation of leaders for pastoral work and the development of congregations in Ibero-America. The proposed approach to leadership development would apply equally to those in the Americas, Spain, Portugal, and other parts of the world. The geographic dispersion, varied economic situations, and systems of discrimination against LGBT people make it imperative that the denomination develop its own strategy of leadership development. The Office of Formation and Leadership Development needs to take whatever steps are necessary to facilitate the processes that will be studied, reflected upon, give power to and prepare competent leaders; these steps, as much for clergy as for laity, will include strong education and formation that will help MCC to gain a new understanding of itself and of its mission in the Ibero-American world.

In acknowledgement of the diverse needs of pastoral and activist work in the Spanish-Portuguese speaking world, the Garner Institute has these purposes:

  1. Education and formation of lay leaders, people seeking to become ordained pastors and ordained clergy from Spanish-Portuguese speaking communities through a certification program that has the goal of unifying the MCC criteria, mission, and vision in those places where there is a pastoral and activist presence. The certification is theoretical and practical, integrated and participative because we need to place the highest priority on the adequate formation that must include the knowledge and practical experience that would be needed to exercise leadership effectively and at the same time to be grounded in a serious commitment to service.
  2. Academic investigation that has the purpose of convening professional academics from various countries so that they can bring together their knowledge in order to facilitate the intellectual development that is appropriate for the different realities and as well as identify those elements that will be shared in common by the students and leaders.

For more information about the Garner Institute, please contact the Academic Dean at


Darlene Garner Institute for Ibero-American leadership Formation

Instituto “Darlene Garner” para la Formación del Liderato Iberoamericano

Instituto “Darlene Garner” de Formação da Liderança  Ibero-Americana


Courses of the First Cycle of 2017: March 6 to May 22
Cursos del Primer Ciclo de 2017: 6 de marzo al 22 de mayo
Cursos do Ciclo Primeiro de 2017: 6 de março a 22 de maio


Description | Descripción | Descrição:

Liturgy as a space of liberation
This course explores the application of queer perspectives in the creation of the Sunday liturgy. From the traditional liturgies, each participant in the course will imagine the expansion of the liturgical space – word, movement, symbol – in such a way that it becomes fertile ground for personal and community liberation, considering the intersections of orientation, gender, race, class, and other identities.

La liturgia como espacio de liberación
Este curso explora la aplicación de perspectivas queer en la creación de la liturgia dominical. A partir de las liturgias tradicionales, cada participante en el curso imaginará la expansión del espacio litúrgico – palabra, movimiento, símbolo – de tal manera que éste se convierta en tierra fértil para la liberación personal y comunitaria, tomando en consideración las intersecciones de orientación, género, raza, clase y otras identidades.

A Liturgia como espaço de libertação
Este curso explora a aplicação de perspetivas queer na criação da liturgia dominical. A partir das liturgias tradicionais, cada participante do curso irá imaginar a expansão do espaço litúrgico – palavra, movimento, símbolo – de tal forma que se torne terreno fértil para a libertação pessoal e comunitária, considerando as interseções de orientação, gênero, raça, classe e outras identidades.

Instructor/Profesor/ Professor: Dr. Edgard Francisco Danielsen Morales
The course will be taught in Spanish | El curso será impartido en español | O curso será ministrado em espanhol
Register Here:


Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures: A panoramic view to the texts of the Hebrew Scriptures through the lenses of analytical methodologies with liberating prospects look.

Introducción a las Escrituras Hebreas: Una mirada panorámica a los textos de las Escrituras Hebreas a través las lentes de metodologías analíticas con perspectivas liberadoras.

Introdução às Escrituras Hebraicas: Uma visão panorâmica aos textos das Escrituras Hebraicas através das lentes de metodologias analíticas com perspetivas libertadoras.

Instructor/Profesor/ Professor: Rev. Víctor Bracuto
The course will be taught in Spanish | El curso será impartido en español | O curso será ministrado em espanhol

Register Here:


Book of Revelation: a queer reading
Study of the book of Revelation from the work of Marcella Althaus-Reid.

Revelaciones: una lectura queer
Estudio temático del libro de  Revelaciones desde la obra de Marcella Althaus-Reid.

Revelação: uma leitura queer
Estudo da temática do livro da REVELAÇÃO desde a obra de Marcella Althaus-Reid.


Instructor/Profesora/ Professor:a Dra. Ana Claudia Figueroa
The course will be taught in Portuguese | El curso será impartido en portugués | O curso será ministrado em português

Register Here:


Payments: each course have a cost of $30.00. With credit card you can pay on line. If there any problem with the payment on line, you can send the money to: P.O. Box 50488 Sarasota, Florida 34232 USA

Also you can pay in three installments.

Brazilian students will pay to: ASSOCIAÇÃO DA COMUNIDADE METROPOLITANA DO BRASIL – CNPJ 20.353.466/0001-88 Conta Bancária:Caixa Econômica Federal AG. 0240 op.003 Conta Corrente 1174-6


Pagos: cada curso tiene un costo de $ 30.00. Con tarjeta de crédito se puede pagar en línea. Si hay cualquier problema con el pago en línea, puede enviar el dinero para: P.O. Box 50488 Sarasota, Florida 34232 USA

También se puede pagar en tres cuotas.

Estudiantes brasileños pagarán a: ASSOCIAÇÃO DA COMUNIDADE METROPOLITANA DO BRASIL – CNPJ 20.353.466/0001-88 Conta Bancária:Caixa Econômica Federal AG. 0240 op.003 Conta Corrente 1174-6


Pagamentos: Cada curso custa R $ 30,00. Com cartão de crédito você pode pagar online. Se houver qualquer problema com o pagamento on-line, você pode enviar o dinheiro para: P.O. Box 50488 Sarasota, Florida 34232 USA

Você também pode pagar em três parcelas.

Estudantes brasileiros vão pagar: ASSOCIAÇÃO DA COMUNIDADE METROPOLITANA DO BRASIL – CNPJ 20.353.466/0001-88 Conta Bancária:Caixa Econômica Federal AG. 0240 op.003 Conta Corrente 1174-6




Queering Theologies: A Virtual Lecture Series honoring Dr. Marcella Althaus-Reid (September – December 2014)

marcella Althaus-ReidThe Darlene Garner Institute for Iberoamerican Leadership Formation and the Theologies Team of the Metropolitan Community Churches have coordinated a series of webinars for 2014 in memory of Argentinian theologian Marcella Althaus-Reid. The webinars will be virtual encounters with theologians with theological proposals from an intertextual and displacement hermeneutics that allow participants to look at authoritative discourses of Christian traditions from gender perspectives and from the bodies as spaces for theological thinking and pastoral practices. Prestigious theologians will present seven webinars of queering God’s talk. Participants will be able to access a live conference or watch it at a later time online. Lectures will be offered in Spanish, Portuguese, and English; papers will be accessible online in the same languages.

To Download a complete Brochure in English, Click Here.

To Download a complete Brochure in Spanish, Click Here.

MCC and the Dialectics of Decency and Indecency
Dr. Nancy Wilson (English)
To View This On-Demand Video, Click Here.
To Download the Spanish Translation of this Presentation, Click Here.

1 Love = OK (Queering Relationships)
Dr. Edgard Francisco Danielesen- Morales (Spanish)
To View this On-Demand Video, Click Here.
To Download the English Translation of this Presentation, Click Here.

La Olla de Oro: Método queer para la teología (The Gold Pot: A Queer Method for Theology)
Dr.Genilma Boehler (Spanish)
To View this On-Demand Video, Click Here.
To Download the English Translation of this Presentation, Click Here.

 O Queer Deus – Dr.Genilma Boehler (Portuguse)
To view this On-Demand video, Click Here.
To Download the English Translation of this Presentation, Click Here.
To Download the Portuguese Document of this Presentation, Click Here.

Dr. Theodore Jennings (English and Spanish)
“Beyond Marriage: A theology and ethic of promiscuity”
“Más allá de Matrimonio: Una teología y ética de la promiscuidad”
“Além de casamento: A teologia e ética da promiscuidade”
To view this On-Demand video, Click Here.
To View the Spanish Translation of this Presentation, Click Here.

 Dr. Kelby Harrison (English)
“God the Lobster? Transcending the Limits of Theological Reason”
“El Dios Langosta? Trascendiendo los límites de la razón teológica”
“O Deus o langosta? Transcendendo os limites da razão teológica”
To View this On-Demand video, Click Here.

 Dr. Luis N. Rivera Pagán
To View this On-Demand video, Click Here.

Additional Essay
SOMOS QUEER, SUBVERSIVOS O INDECENTES? El Cuerpo de Cristo en el contexto cubano by Elaine Saralegui Caraballo



Learn about other MCC Online Classes…


Online Classes


Our goal is to offer each of the three required MCC courses (e.g. Polity, Queer History, and Sexuality Studies) twice per calendar year, via an online format.  Details on this page will be added as they are confirmed, so check back often.  Our attempt is to give you as much information as possible so that you can plan in advance.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: In order to take an online course, you must have a headset, webcam, and high-speed internet connection. Classes generally utilize Adobe Connect for online meetings. You should contact to run a technical test on Adobe before the class, if this is your first time using it.  Other courses may have additional technical requirements that must be met as a prerequisite for attending the course, as specified below.

Registration will open at least one month prior to each course, and will end two weeks prior to the course start time in order to provide students with time for reading, etc.  Please plan ahead.  (Click here for our refund policy.)  Please contact us if you have any questions.

NOTE: For those who are officially “In-Care” with MCC, limited scholarships are available to cover the costs associated with these required courses.  Please download, complete, and submit the Clergy Development Scholarship Application on the Forms and Manuals section of our website under Incoming Clergy.

MCC Polity

This course will consider the history, structure, and governance of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) as well as the values, theologies, and cultures that have shaped MCC. This will be explored in the larger context of LGBTQ liberation movements and the global religious context. 

Late 2017: August 31st to October 19th 2017 for 8 weeks
Register Here:


Queer History

This course will give an overview of the history of GLBTQ people from the ancient Western world, through pre-industrial and modern cultures, to contemporary global situations. Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding the changing social constructions of sexuality and gender, and on the historic roots of contemporary religious, social, and political realities.

Course Presenter: Rev. Dr. Tom Bohache

Early 2018

January 9th to February 13th 2018 for 6 weeks
Register Here:

Sexuality Studies

This course provides students with basic information about human sexuality and offers an opportunity to become more comfortable talking about a variety of sexual issues.  Students will also have an opportunity to assess the sexual health of oneself, professional ministry, and location of ministry, including preventing misconduct and sexual abuse.  The course includes teachings/texts about sexuality from tradition, as well as denominational and congregational policies.  Students will reflect theologically on the integration of sexuality and spirituality, and examine the impact of race, class, gender, and heterosexism on issues of sexuality in  ministry.


Offered during the first half of the year – by the Religious Institute in Collaboration with the Office of Formation and Leadership Development of Metropolitan Community Churches – this course meets the MCC requirement for Sexuality Studies


This unique online learning opportunity is self-directed, deeply reflective, and designed to increase knowledge and skills at the intersection of faith and sexuality.
“I have greatly enjoyed this course: the way it took on the subject honestly and openly, the
resources provided, and the emphasis on self-examination and reflection. The course has made me think differently about sexuality, power, sex, communication, and so many more dimensions of working in community.” – student comment
“The introduction to church history in the course will be an invaluable jumping off spot for my further theological reflection and study.” – student comment

The course addresses an urgent need among Christian religious leaders to be well-educated in issues related to sexuality. The primary texts for the course are the Religious Institute’s A Time to Build: Creating Sexually Healthy Faith Communities by Rev. Debra W. Haffner, Professional Sexual Ethics: A Holistic Ministry Approach by Patricia Beattie Jung and Darryl Stephens, and Making Love Just by Marvin Ellison.

Topics include
  • understanding personal values and history
  • components of sexual identity
  • sexual development
  • life behaviors of a sexually healthy adult
  • dealing with attraction and boundaries
  • pastoral care around sexuality issues
  • sexuality education in faith communities
  • church history and sexuality
  • scripture and sexuality
  • preaching/worship
Registration and more information

The course takes approximately 30 hours to complete (plus 1 to 2 hours of reading per week), is a blend of interactive and self-directed learning, and draws on the strengths of peer learning in an online community setting. For optimal learning, students should expect to spend 3 to 5 hours per week (including reading) on the course over the 12 week session.

Learn about MCC Online Webinars…


Live Webinars


Leading Transition Training: Tuesdays (10/17, 10/24, 11/7, 11/14) 7pm-9pm Eastern Time (23:00 UTC in October and 00:00 UTC in November)

A time of leadership transition can be especially anxious for congregations. In this course, clergy and lay leaders will explore the dynamics of transition, learn strategies for making positive use of transition periods, and gain a deeper understanding of several key lenses through which leaders may offer their most effective planning and programming when facilitating transition. This course is required for all clergy and lay pastors who may be appointed as transitional pastors. It is open to everyone and would be beneficial to anyone who is leading groups through times of change and reformation.

Faculty: Rev. Pressley Sutherland, Assoc. Director, Office of Church and Ministry Development and others

The cost of the course will be $50. Deadline for registration is October 13, 2017.
To register, go to:…




FREE 90 minute Webinar – with Rev. Elder Dr. Mona West
Friday 13th October at 11am [central] / 12 noon [eastern] / 5pm [UK time]

The Psalms have been a guide to prayer in Jewish and Christian traditions for centuries, mainly because they span the entire gamut of human emotion.

This FREE 90 minute webinar will begin with an overview of the theology and poetry of the Psalter. Participants will then learn about the use of the Psalms for prayer times throughout one’s day. This ancient way of praying the Psalms is known as the Daily Office or the Divine Office. Resources for praying the Psalms will also be shared.

To sign up, please email your name & contact details to:

A link to the webinar and resources will be sent out closer to the date.



In order to see video of the presentation on the following webinars, attendees will need access to a computer and a fast internet connection. Some webinars will use audio through Adobe and others will utilize a telephone conference line.  Participants will be sent log-in information prior to each event, which will include instructions about audio/video requirements. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT WEBINARS Please take a moment to Download & Review Instructions on using Adobe Connect, and on the conversation protocol that we will be using for audio interaction. Registration for each webinar is $50 USD (unless otherwise noted.  (Click here to see our refund policy.)


Sex, Bodies, Spirit – Monthly Summit
Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline and Malachi Grennell


Over the past year, we have witnessed a renewal in MCC regarding the intersection of our sexuality and our spirituality. First, we enjoyed the online symposium in fall 2015, followed by monthly discussions, and then we experienced a stimulating workshop at General Conference 2016. We are delighted to announce an ongoing informational and discussion series that will advance this topic among our clergy and within our churches, in addition to offering clergy a chance to fulfill the continuing education requirement for annual licensure.

Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline and Malachi Grennell are the authors of an exciting blog about sex, bodies, and spirit (, and they are bringing their passion and expertise to a monthly gathering on Adobe Connect that will address issues of sex and spirit, in order to further advance this concern and educate all of us around the ongoing need for our churches.

The group will meet on the third Thursday of each month from 3:00 to 4:00 PM Eastern Time (generally 7:00 – 8:00 pm UTC), and will qualify for continuing education credits for MCC clergy (.5 units per session).

This is open to all people, whether clergy or lay. This opportunity is offered free of charge.

Click here to join the Adobe Connect session.

View past sessions on-demand:

August 2016: The Roots of Sex Negativity in Western Christianity (part 1)

January 2017: Sacred, Not Secret (Part 3): Beyond the Norm (Kink/BDSM)

February 2017: Sacred, Not Secret (Part 4): Non-Monogamy


Learn about MCC On-Demand Webinars…


On-Demand Webinars (pre-recorded)

Registration & Payment Required for most of these offerings


When you register for the following pre-recorded webinars or events, you will be sent a link and password to view the video.  This information is intended only for the person registering to view these events and should not be shared.  In order to receive CEU credit for these webinars, we must have a record of your registration.  Unless otherwise noted, each webinar will count for 1 CEU unit.  Click the registration link for more information as fees vary.

Becoming an Effective Public Speaker:
A series of three webinars presented by Dr. Joani Bedore

BedoreRuntime: 1 hour each

Join professional public speaker and communications professor Dr. Joani Bedore for a series of three webinars to increase your effectiveness in public speaking. These three webinars are designed for multiple audiences, including:

  • Participants in MCC’s L.E.A.D. Program.
    Those who complete all three webinars will fulfill the public speaking requirement for the LEAD program.
  • Preachers who want to hone their skills in the basic fundamentals of public speaking, including effectively analyzing and connecting with their audience (congregational or community context)
  • Any lay person who wants to become more involved and effective in a local congregation, moving their communications ability to the next level as they take on more congregational leadership.

Webinar 1: Developing the Presentation and Using Supporting Materials  (REGISTER NOW!)

Webinar 2: Practicing the Presentation and Lowering Anxiety (REGISTER NOW!)

Webinar 3: Developing the Presentation and Mingling Afterwards (REGISTER NOW!)

Becoming Conflict Wise

Pressley SutherlandRuntime: 1 hour and 9 minutes

“Serious Conflict is the Number One Predictor of Congregational Decline” [Hartford Institute for Religion Research] but it doesn’t have to be this way. The more we are able to understand the dynamics of conflict and frustration and our options for responding, the more confident communities and leaders can become in transforming conflict healthily.

Rev. Pressley Sutherland will be introducing tried and tested industry level resources and assessment tools to assist in overcoming helplessness and the downward spiral of negativity, that many congregations experience when conflicts surface.


Becoming Conflict Wise Hand Out


Best Practices for Effective Boards

Runtime: 1 hour 15 minutes

This is a recorded presentation of the Board of Directors training webinar presented by Rev. Elder Arlene Ackerman.  Participants will explore four key areas that effective Boards do well, and that all Boards can learn to do.  Learn more about the specific roles of the Board of Directors and Pastor, and understand how Boards get sabotaged from remaining focused on what is important.  Finally, understand the importance of numbers.  REGISTER NOW.

MARIE ALFORD-HARKEYBeyond Binaries: Including the B in LGBTQ

Runtime: 45 minutes

Are our faith communities welcoming to the ‘B’s’ in the LGBTQ acronym? Do our clergy and lay leaders understand bisexual identity? Does bisexuality mean that a person is equally attracted to only men and women?

In this webinar, participants will learn how to make their congregations welcoming and safe for bisexual people. Topics include:

  • One definition of bisexuality (hint: it’s not binary)
  • New models of sexual orientation
  • Debunking common myths and stereotypes about bisexual people, and learn about
  • Research and data about bisexuality
  • Bisexually-friendly interpretations of scripture
  • Concrete steps to make your faith community more welcoming to bisexual people

This webinar, presented by Marie Alford-Harkey, is sponsored by the Religious Institute, the Office of Emerging Ministries of Metropolitan Community Churches, and the Office of Health and Wholeness Ministry of the United Church of Christ.

This on-demand webinar is FREE. Click here to view now.

Marcia McFee

Building and Working with Worship Teams

Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Presenter: Dr. Marcia McFee (Worship Design Studios)    $20

Description: Worship is the work of many people. If those involved in worship can come together as a team to plan and implement, and engage in the creative process together, open to the Spirit, the worship experience provides a way for the congregation to intentionally enter into the presence of God. This webinar will help participants learn who and how to include in worship planning and how to bring the diverse gifts of each team member together to facilitate deeply soulful worship. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



presented by Rev. Joe Cobb, Rev. Terri Echelbarger, Rev. Tom Emmett, and Rev. Lori Hatch-Rivera

This FREE on-demand recording (of a live webinar) can assist and encourage clergy who need to take renewal/sabbatical time. It contains experiences from clergy who have taken sabbaticals with grant funding, and those who have done so with no outside funding. It includes insights about best practices for clergy and for congregations. Appropriate for clergy and lay people who are invested in clergy health and well-being. Click here to view.


Conflict: A Good Thing!

Runtime: 55 minutes                         $30

This pre-recorded webinar includes a presentation by Rev. Elder Arlene Ackerman in which she explores different types of conflict, the importance of conflict, and strategies for managing conflict in the local church.  REGISTER NOW!



Runtime: 1 hour, 9 minutes

MCC is a radically inclusive church with a commitment to creating safe spaces (sanctuaries) where all can worship, grow, and serve. We are a movement that believes in transformation, and we also know that this is very hard work that takes intentional and sustained effort. One issue that many (i.e. most, if not all) of our congregations will face is the question of how to include registered sex offenders who wish to become involved in MCC.  This pre-recorded webinar includes presentation and discussion from Rev. Dan Koeshall, Senior Pastor of MCC San Diego; Rev. Judith Maynard, Senior Pastor of MCC Albuquerque; Kaki Johnson, Director of Children’s Ministries at MCC San Diego; and Jude Litzenberger, Attorney and MCC Network Leader.  This on-demand webinar is FREE.  Click here to view now.

Marcia McFee

Creative Worship Planning

Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Presenter: Dr. Marcia McFee (Worship Design Studios)      $20

Description: For those who have been planning worship for years and want some new perspective and insight, as well as those who may be newer to worship planning looking for how to start, this webinar is designed to be both inspirational and practical. This webinar will help participants learn to plan worship to bring the congregation into a experience of the Divine that is meaningful, memorable, and transforming. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Developing Your Leadership Styles

Runtime: 1 hour, 5 minutes (plus additional time for journaling on reflection questions)     $30

This pre-recorded webinar includes a presentation from Rev. Elder Don Eastman, who is known throughout MCC as the consummate Leadership Excellence guru. Leadership style refers to a leader’s patterns of behavior as a leader and manager. In this webinar Don will present foundations for understanding leadership styles and introduce a clinical paradigm for understanding leadership styles. Participants will be invited to consider how leadership styles of pastors impact and involve lay leaders. A significant portion of the webinar will present participants with opportunities to explore ways to develop their own leadership styles.  REGISTER NOW!

Directed Study with Rev. Dr. Robert Shore-Goss

Self-paced in consultation with instructor

Engage in a deeper exploration of From Sin to Amazing Grace: Discovering the Queer Christ by Rev. Dr. Patrick Cheng with Rev. Dr. Robert Shore-Goss. Participants will read the book, watch two of Dr. Goss’ recorded lectures/discussions, and complete a writing assignment in which they take one of the sins Patrick delineates and write a sermon from a grace perspective, modeling a movement away from a crime-based sin/grace model to a Christ-centered model of sin and grace.  REGISTER NOW.


Trent Thornley

Explore the ancient wisdom technology of the Enneagram 

Presenters: Rev. Trent J. Thornley                                                              Cost: $20

Description:Explore the ancient wisdom technology of the Enneagram and its beneficial use for personal spiritual development & healthier relationships and community. This webinar will introduce the Enneagram’s affinity with the spiritual praxis of the Desert Fathers and Desert Mothers, as well as the early Christians who established proto-monastic communities devoted to following the wisdom path of Jesus. How might the Enneagram similarly be used for spiritual practice today?

Participants will be introduced to the nine “styles” of the Personality Enneagram – the nine ways in which each style obscures divine Presence and blocks prayer & mediation, as well as the nine gifts and holy perspectives each style offers the world. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion.

No prerequisites necessary, though participants are encouraged to make a preliminary determination of their Enneagram style prior to attending. For resources, go to

Rev. Trent J. Thornley is an Enneagram Coach, ordained Dharma Leader in the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Anam Thubten, and ordained MCC clergy. He works as a Chaplain Trainer at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, where he guides volunteer chaplains in the art of spiritual care. Check out Trent’s Enneagram website:           REGISTER NOW

Ken MartinGender: The Cornerstone of Human Sexuality

Runtime: 1 hour

Gender remains one of the most confusing and misunderstood areas of human sexuality and personhood. In this presentation, we explore what constitutes biological gender, gender role and gender identity. We will look at the extraordinary diversity that exists in aspects of gender previously assumed to be categorical and immutable. We will show how and why confusion about these different aspects of gender continue and how ignorance about them results in unnecessary suffering and violence. Finally, we will show the importance of keeping discussions about gender and sexual orientation separate and distinct. Join Rev. Elder Ken Martin for this engaging presentation.  REGISTER NOW.

Good Moves: Entering Well, Leaving Well

Runtime: 1 hour 20 minutes

This On-Demand Webinar is a pre-recorded conversation with Rev. Phillip Washburn about Clergy Self-Management in Transition from a Systems Perspective. Rev. Washburn presents some of the insights contained in his soon to be published book about ways in which clergy can enter and leave congregations in healthy ways. He also discusses the importance of self-differentiated leadership for pastors, more generally.  Included in this webinar are the answers to the Q&A session that followed the interview.  REGISTER NOW.


A Hidden Wholeness: Living an Undivided Life as a Spiritual Leader

Runtime 34 minutes; includes time for individual exercises.  Total time required: approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

This workshop, presented by Rev. Dr. Mona West, is based on Parker Palmer’s book A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life. Participants will learn the ways in which the journey from childhood to adulthood often results in leading a life that is disconnected from our true self or soul. The path to living an undivided life as a leader will be explored through questions and journal exercises which invite participants to consider taking up spiritual practices and creating a circles of trust that will allow them to connect more deeply to soul in their roles as leaders.   REGISTER NOW


Ken MartinHomosexuality and the Bible

Runtime: 1 hour and 5 minutes

“Rev. Elder Ken Martin’s presentation on ‘Homosexuality and the Bible’ is absolutely the best you will ever see. The scholarship is remarkable. The presentation is entertaining. You will learn everything you need to know to answer your own questions and those of your family and friends. His six conclusions are the best summary of this complex subject I have ever heard. It was Ken’s teaching and preaching that gave me the courage to come out, confront my friends in the Christian right and move from a closet of fear and shame to being an out-loud activist.” (Rev. Mel White)  REGISTER NOW

KharmaAmos2015MCC Supervising Clergy Training

Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes

This training, facilitated by Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos, is required for all of those who wish to serve as a supervisor for MCC Interns as they prepare for ordained ministry. Join us as we overview the process of preparing for ordination in MCC, and the nuts & bolts of effective supervision. This will include a segment on supervising interns from a distance. This training in suitable for all clergy who have not yet been trained or served as supervisors, as well as anyone who wants a refresher.  This webinar is FREE. Click here to view now.

MCC Pastoral Search Process

Presented by Rev. Pressley Sutherland, this on-demand webinars explains the process of pastoral search, as well as interim appointments in MCC, as of late 2017.


To view more details about this FREE webinar, click here: MCC Pastoral Search Webinar



Mentoring: Methods of Making Leadership Reproduction a Higher Priority

Runtime: 1 hour

Drawn from biblical as well as contemporary and classic Christian models, this workshop will introduce mentoring in a vital and motivating manner, making a case for intentional engagement in the local church.  Workshop leaders will also provide practical tools, techniques and instructions for practicing these concepts in a “ready to take home, try, and share at your local church” manner.

Covering a wide array of leadership training materials, Elizabeth “Liz” M. Bisordi and Rev. Dr. Sherry Kennedy will present relevant highlights from John C. Maxwell’s book, Developing the Leaders Around You; J. Oswald Sanders’ classic work on Spiritual Leadership, chapter 20, “The Reproduction of Leaders”; articles from Building Church Leaders – “Mentoring that Matters” by Fred Smith and “Mentoring that Makes a Difference” by Earl Palmer.  This will also re-visit workshop/training materials developed by Rev. Tony Freeman presented at 2001 UFMCC General Conference & World Jubilee, entitled “The Art of Mentoring & Coaching: Leaders Developing Leaders.”  REGISTER NOW! 



Mentoring is one of the most effective ways to facilitate the development of new leaders, the leaders that will impact the present and lead us into the future that God has for us. More than ever, mentoring matters for MCC.

Many, many of us have been fortunate enough as leaders to have good mentors along the way, those more experienced people who have supported, guided, counseled, encouraged, and challenged us to stretch and grow.

These webinars, lead by Rev. Lisa Heilig, understands that mentoring can happen in a variety of settings and in a number of ways. The commonality is that mentoring is about relationships.

If you want to learn more about mentoring, feel like you may be called to be a mentor, or you want to enhance the mentoring you already do, please join Lisa for this 2 part webinar.

Mentoring Matters for MCC: Part 1
Runtime: 1 hour 12 minutes

Mentoring Matters for MCC: Part 2
Runtime: 1 hour 24 minutes


Protecting Your Church from Fraud in a Digital World

This is a FREE Webinar from Barb Crabtree – MCC Director of operations.




DavieReligion in Modern Europe

Runtime: 1 hour

Grace Davie, Professor Emeritus from Exeter University, provides an overview and reflective analysis of the current religious landscape in Modern Europe. This on-demand video is FREE.  Click here to view now.



Seven Steps to Successful Stewardship

Runtime: 22 minutes

During this FREE webinar, you will:
* Gain insights on how you can help to create a culture of generosity in your congregation.
* Learn how to develop a highly effective annual stewardship program for your church.
* Discover a wealth of resources to support your stewardship efforts throughout the year.
* Connect with other church leaders with perspectives on the ministry of stewardship.
This webinar is designed for Pastors, Board members, and Stewardship Teams.

About Our Webinar Facilitator
Rev. Elder Don Eastman has long been one of MCC’s leading advocates of healthy church growth and excellence in ministry. From his many years as a successful pastor, non-profit organization executive, and MCC denominational leader, he brings a wide range of experience and expertise. As an Elder, Rev. Eastman served as both the Treasurer and Vice Moderator of the MCC denomination.

This on-demand video is FREE.  Click here to view now

Ken MartinSexuality and Spirituality: Keeping Body and Soul Together

Runtime: 1 hour

There is a historic disconnect in Christianity between sexuality and spirituality. In this presentation we explore how and why this happened. We will ask and attempt to answer the questions: from where did the sex-negative ideas, feelings and beliefs come that have shaped so much of Christianity’s belief and teaching for the past 2,000 years? Was this God’s intention? Is this really what the Bible teaches? Is Jesus responsible for this? Has it always been this way? Who decides these things and if we wanted to change them how might we go about it?  Join Rev. Elder Ken Martin to explore these and other questions.  REGISTER NOW!


The Moral Imperative of Climate Change

Climate is the reality that our grandchildren will face their entire lives, as will future generations. In a warmer world, weather events will be more severe, sea levels higher, and growing seasons longer, among many other impacts. These will have broad, profound, and long lasting effects on the lives of organisms (including humans) and the interactions among them. Organisms will shift in range. Biological communities will become less diverse. Species will face extirpation and extinction. Diseases will be found in new places. Human civilization may be threatened. But there are opportunities as well!

For more details please click here: The Moral Implication of Climate Change

The study of climate change is developing very quickly. Significant new information is coming out—literally—every day. This on-demand webinar explains the basics, but it also mixes in some new information to help to provide viewers with an understanding of the world and our future.

Presenter: Dr. Stephen Mitchell Wagener

Dr. Mitch Wagener teaches climate ecology, entomology, and related courses at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury. His research interests include the impact of historical events—such as the Industrial Revolution—on the environment.

Mitch began life in the Midwest, growing up a barefoot boy in the Ozarks and attending high school in Branson, Missouri—before it became so famous. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife, he moved to Fairbanks, Alaska to attend graduate school. Mitch received a masters degree in Stream Ecology and a doctorate in Soil Ecology during his 13 years in Alaska. There, too, he met the lovely Rita Kabali, a native of Uganda, East Africa, to whom he has now been married 33 years. They have two lively daughters, Rohanna 27 (a history teacher in an inner-city middle school) and Danika 19 (a student at Ithaca College). Mitch enjoys—among other things—watching his daughter play lacrosse and explaining climate change to the public.

Ph.D. Soil Ecology. August 1995. University of Alaska Fairbanks.
M.S. Stream Ecology. December, 1984. University of Alaska Fairbanks.
B.S. cum laude. Fisheries and Wildlife. May, 1981. University of Missouri, Columbia.


Miller HoffmanTrans 101:  Trans Communities: Introduction & Application, Part 1

Runtime: 1 hour, 7 minutes

This 2-part Webinar Series is intended for congregations and individuals who would like to better understand and welcome the Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming, and Gender Expansive Communities; who would like to minister more effectively to the Trans* communities; and who would like to build and nurture a Trans* Ministry. The presentations will include Introductory information, including vocabulary and etiquette. Even those who are familiar and well versed will receive a good refresher and resources to share and work with your local communities. We will also explore ways to apply what you have learned, and some of the best means to inreach and outreach to the Trans* communities. Presenters: Rev. Miller Jen Hoffman and Rev. Emma Lee Chattin.  This on-demand video is FREE.  Click here to view now.

Emma ChattinTrans 102: Trans Communities: Introduction & Application, Part 2

Runtime:  51 minutes

The second in this two part webinar series includes a continuation of the Trans 101 Introduction and moves on to explore ways to apply what you have learned, and some of the best means to inreach and outreach to the Trans* communities. Presenters: Rev. Miller Jen Hoffman and Rev. Emma Lee Chattin.  This on-demand video is FREE. Click here to view now.


 MichaelDiazVolunteer Management: Raising Leaders in the Local Church

Runtime: 1 hour, 4 minutes

How does a church empower its congregants to take ownership of ministry? Does leadership play a role in every volunteer position? Do volunteers simply perform tasks or do they make ministry happen? Looking through the lens of leadership development, this 60 minute webinar will discuss strategies for the recruitment and management of volunteers in the local church.  REGISTER NOW!

Solidarity LogoWhat Does Solidarity Look Like?

Runtime: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Background: The context for justice work is often very messy and complicated. People experience oppression based on many things-race, gender, sexuality, nationality, language, religion, ability, appearance, age, relationship/familial status, etc. We know that justice work is most effective when done in solidarity with one another, but it is hard to know how to best accomplish this. It is particularly difficult for people of privilege to work for justice with those who are experiencing oppression based on characteristics they do not share. For example: How can white people work against racism and race-based violence with people of color in ways that are truly healthy, mutual, and constructive?  How can cis-gendered people most effectively speak and act against anti-trans oppression with trans* and gender non-conforming people? These conversations are difficult conversations to have because this is hard work.

This kick-off event will include a foundational presentation about privilege, power, and oppression and a discussion about the ways in which all of us experience privilege and marginalization in various contexts. This conversation will continue …

This webinar is FREE.  Click here to view now!

DeWayne DavisWhat has Ferguson to Do with Faith?
Developing Queer Theological Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Facilitated by Rev. DeWayne Davis and Kareem Murphy

This webinar will help attendees to discern within queer theological approaches and perspectives faith language and spiritual disciplines that honor and celebrate the black/brown body and seek its liberation as both a political and religious imperative, especially in light of the police shootings of unarmed black persons and the epidemic of violence against transgender persons of color.  We will present a multi-modal approach to showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and transgender people of color using sermons, letters, prayers, and litanies as well as petitions and bible/book studies that reinforce prophetic social action in the streets.  Participants will be invited to look at the potential ways that social action and public protest can be integrated into their current spiritual disciplines to raise consciousness about the black body.

This webinar is FREE.  Click here to view now!


Who Are We Really? Re-Engaging Sex & Spirit (a virtual symposium)

Spirit & Sex Conference 2015 Header

This first-ever online conference on Sexuality & Spirituality engaged participants from MCC and our ecumenical/interfaith partners interested in the bold and holy integration of sexuality and spirituality.  The common theme uniting presenters in this conference was a desire to engage this topic, a heart for the marginalized among us, and the willingness to be honest, edgy, and vulnerable in our dialogue. Recordings are available of the academic paper and panel presentations. Register for ALL of the conference videos by clicking here ($100 USD total).  Or, you can register for only those sessions you wish to view by clicking the links below ($20 USD each).

Opening Panel: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

Presenters: Rev. Elder Troy Perry, Rev. Elder Jim Mitulski, Rev. Elder Diane Fisher, Rev. Dr. Ngeo Boon Lin, Rev. Beulah Durrheim

Runtime: 1 hour 24 minutes


Panel Presentation: Integrating Sexuality & Spirituality as a Paradigm for Wholeness/Wellness/Authenticity

Presenters: Marie Alford-Harkey, Dr. Xochitl Alvizo, Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, Rev. Dr. Joseph Goh, Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson

Runtime: 1 hour


Panel Presentation: Healing Queer Bodies and the Body of Christ

Presenters: Dr. Susannah Cornwall, Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline, Rev. Jakob Hero, Rev. Miller Hoffman, Dr. David Williams

Runtime: 1 hour


Paper Presentations: Deconstructing Heteronormativity

Papers include:

  • “Queering the Trinity: Who’s Your Daddy?” by Rev. Daniel Borysewicz
  • “Masculinity in a Frock on a Rock” by Rev. Dr. Karl Hand
  • “Shoulder to Shoulder: Links Between Discrimination, LGBTQ-Based Social Support, and Psychosocial Adjustment among LGBT Youth” by Dr. Siân E. Jones

Runtime: 1 hour 13 minutes


Paper Presentations: The Margins of Our Movement – Trans*, Intersex, Gender Queer, Poly*

Papers include:

  • “B-T-P: Engaging an Intersectional Frontier” by Rev. Rachelle Brown
  • “A New Trans* Theology of Indecency” by Denise Burke
  • “God as the Holy Polyamorous One” by Rev. Dr. Edgard Francisco Danielsen-Morales

Runtime: 1 hour, 25 minutes


Paper Presentations: Toward a Theology of the Full Body and Every Body

Papers Include:

  • “Touch Me and See Me: Embodying the Erotic” by Rev. Joe Cobb
  • “Wounding the Soul and Scarring the Body: A Theological and Pastoral Response to Self-Harming Behaviours” by Rev. Kate Rowley Harford
  • “The Disabled Body: Part of the Body Part of Wholeness” by Theresa Inés Soto

Runtime: 1 hour