• An Introduction to Pastoral Search

In consultation with the OCMD, a collaborative decision will be made as to whether the church is ready to move forward toward Pastoral Search.

Once readiness is achieved, the board should proceed to put together a Pastoral Search Committee in accordance with the local church bylaws.  When a Chair(s) have been selected they should be connected with the OCMD (revkharmaamos@mccchurch.net) by the Pastor or the Vice-Moderator when there is no transitional or settled pastor in place.

The OCMD will assign a mentor to support the Pastoral Search Committee. The first step is to have every member read the Pastoral Search Manual.

The Mentoring Process

At an early meeting of the PSC, a member of the OCMD staff will join the committee to talk through the steps of the pastoral search process.  Mentors will become part of the regular rhythm of the PSC by joining for a portion of each meeting or by receiving and responding to a weekly update from the PSC chair(s).

Pastoral Search Method

All Pastoral Searches are encouraged to be Open Searches. This means that when a PSC is ready to receive applications after they have completed their congregational surveys, created an application packet, have a sense of their timeline and interview process, and are ready to go ‘live’, they create an advertisement that will be posted on the MCC Connections > Job Listings webpage (https://www.mccchurch.org/connectnow/jobs/), shared with all denominational leadership, and posted on relevant MCC social media pages and groups.  The PSC may also advertise wherever they would like to do so. All applications will be received directly by the PSC. MCC and non-MCC clergy are welcome to apply. In order to be called, non-MCC clergy will need to meet the criteria to be granted Standing By Call by the OFLD.  All applicants will be vetted by the PSC with the OCMD and OFLD, and the PSC will then move through their interview and candidating process.  In MCC, only one candidate is put forward to a congregation, and clergy who accept an invitation to candidate will be asked to put any other searches on hold. A new pastor must be elected by the percentage of affirming votes stipulated in a church’s local bylaws (usually 75% or more.)

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  • Pastoral Search Manual

Click here to download the current Pastoral Search Manual


  • Ministry Opportunities

Click here for a list of current ministry opportunities https://www.mccchurch.org/connectnow/jobs/. Clergy wishing to have a more in-depth discernment discussion of present or upcoming vocational opportunities are encouraged to contact revkharmaamos@mccchurch.net