Welcome to online clergy license renewal!  Read this entire page carefully before you begin. This contains the information for our current 2020 Clergy Licensing Cycle.

The following information will guide you through the process of filing your 2020 Clergy Licensure information with the Office of Formation and Leadership Development.


Once again this year, there is One Fillable Form.  lease visit the Forms/Manuals page of the OFLD website and scroll to Clergy Forms to download the appropriate form for your Protocol.

PLEASE Download the Form to your Computer, and open/edit it in Adobe rather than trying to edit it in any Adobe app or extension via your web browser (these may have limitations that adversely impact your ability to complete the form.) If you click this link and the form opens in your web browser, please SAVE it to your computer before filling it out and sending it back to us. As we know, technology is not flawless, so please SAVE a copy often and make sure you retain one even after you have sent it to us. (We have added some buttons to the bottom of the form itself to assist you with this.)

Rather than needing to have your certification form physically/literally signed, we are asking you for the contact information of your supervisor. If you are a supervisor for other clergy, please list those whose ministries you are certifying in the space provided. We will cross check this information and follow up if there are any questions.  It is incumbent upon the person filing this form to be honest and truthful about the number of hours being worked, which must be a minimum of 15 in order to qualify for “active” status.

Please submit your form only once. Do not complete it both electronically and in hard copy. To submit the form electronically, please download the PDF and return it to Rev. Cathy Alexander as an email attachment.

To submit the form in hard copy, please print the completed form and mail or fax it (310-388-1252) to our office:

MCC OFLD Licensing
2775 NW 49th Ave. Ste: 205-327
Ocala, FL  34482 


For payment in the United States/Canada, you can either mail (or have your church mail) a check to MCC, 2775 NW 49th Ave. Ste: 205-327, Ocala, FL 34482, or you may pay online by clicking this link.

We will issue your license once we have received both your form and payment.  

If you have extenuating circumstances that prohibit you from being able to pay your fee, please contact RevCathyAlexander@MCCchurch.net


Chaplains must have a separate Application on file with our office to serve as an MCC Chaplain. Clergy serving in ministries outside of a local MCC congregation or denominational ministry must have a separate Ministry Outside Local Congregation form on file with our office.  You can download these forms in the Forms & Manuals Section of our Website. 


The Council of Elders no longer requires clergy to focus continuing education in a specific topic area.  You only have to complete the required 9 units (9 contact hours) in whatever topical area feels most germane to you.  If you attended the 2019 General Conference any workshops or plenaries you attended will qualify as continuing education. 

If you have any questions about what does or does not qualify for CEUs, please contact RevCathyAlexander@MCCchurch.net .  Also, note that any offering found on Sacred Space Online Learning Center will qualify for CEU’s, and you may calculate these at the rate of 1 contact hour = 1 CEU.


If you submit your form by the early deadline of 1 December 2019, you can expect to receive your clergy license within three weeks. After the first of December, our processing time may be delayed by a few additional weeks. We would be most grateful to you if you could complete this process prior to the early deadline. 


If you are unsure about your status this year, please read the MCC Clergy Manual with regard to the requirements for Active License, Leave of Absence, Retirement, etc. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact RevCathyAlexander@MCCchurch.net

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Complete Instructions for Using the Online Clergy Renewal Form

Step 1 – Acrobat Reader

You will need the latest version of Acrobat Reader appropriate for your operating system to complete the online form. If you do not already have the latest version of Acrobat Reader, you may download it by clicking this link (https://get.adobe.com/reader/)

Step 2 – Download the Form

  1. Visit the OFLD Forms & Manuals Page to download the 2020 Clergy License Renewal Form (under Clergy Forms, please select the form appropriate to your protocol).
    OR Email us at RevCathyAlexander@MCCchurch.net and we will email you a PDF.
  2. Save the form you have downloaded on your computer, and open it in Acrobat Reader.
    DO NOT fill the form out when you first open it in your browser. You will probably not be able to save your information. SAVE THE BLANK FORM TO YOUR COMPUTER FIRST, then complete the form.

Step 3 – Complete the Form

Step 4 – Submit the Form

  1. To submit the form electronically (strongly preferred), please save the completed file on your computer and send it as an email attachment to RevCathyAlexander@MCCchurch.net. (Click the Email button on the bottom of the form for assistance.)
  2. To submit the form in hard copy, please print it and mail it to MCC, 2775 NW 49th Ave. Ste: 205-327, Ocala, FL 34482. You may also fax it to 310-388-1252

Step 5 – Make Your Payment

For the US/Canada, you can make your online payment by clicking here , or you can mail a check to MCC, 2775 NW 49th Ave. Ste: 205-327, Ocala, FL 34482.

For all other Protocols, contact your OFLD Liaison.

Step 6 – Keep a Copy of the Form for your Records

Although technology allows us to complete this process more easily than ever, there are occasionally glitches. If for any reason we do not successfully receive your form, we may need to ask for it again. Please save a copy of the file (in a file name you will recognize and in a location on your computer where you can easily locate it).